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We have been working with local fire marshals for years and have many fire marshal approved systems through out Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

For commercial customers it is usually required that plans be submitted to the local area fire marshal for approval before beginning any work. Usually all areas must be protected by smoke, heat, pull stations and sprinkler monitoring.

For residential customers our basic fire protection plan would typically include a smoke detector on each living level and a heat detector in the kitchen, garage, furnace room and laundry room. Of course if your budget can afford it, complete detection in each room would be best.


Closed Circuit Television is used to protect property and deter crime. This is done by monitoring and recording events as they occur. CCTV can be monitored remotely via modems, which is great for business owners who have many sites. CCTV can also be viewed through your home television to monitor baby's room, front door and yard. This is accomplished using a channel modulator. This would make your CCTV system (at home) as close as switching channels on your television.


Access Control is used to control and track the use of entry and exit points to a building.

Typically a controller is installed which can be connected to an existing PC. A reader is installed by a door or doors and is used to unlock and provide access to authorized individuals. This action is then recorded in the PC for future reference.

Access Systems can be as simple as a stand alone one door system to very complex multiple door and badging systems.


Laser Alarm operates its own Central Station. We offer digital, direct wire
and long range radio monitoring.

Alarm monitoring works much like an ISP (Internet Service Provided). Your account remains open at our Central Station and remains ready for you whenever you need it. Your control panel has a unique ID number and when necessary, calls the Central Station via a dial up modem. Once connected, there are a number of events that can be reported, such as: burglary, fire, hold-up, low temperature, flood and gas detection.

Depending upon the event sent, the Central Station operator will take the appropriate action.

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